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We've got to be fair!!!!!!!

Alistair Darling signals pay squeeze for public sector workers

Patrick Wintour - Guardian 05/07/2009

It sounds so good that word.
But the private sector caused this mess with a dollop of help from star struck New Labour politicians.
(New Labour - Laughably Conservative)
It’s a recession now and could be for some years to come.
But it started out with deregulation, speculation and the rise of ‘financial weapons of mass destruction’.
From which many people made an awful lot of money.
Now those who can least afford it will pay the price.

From Global Financial Crisis to Global Recession, Part I
Precipitating the fall
Jack Rasmus - March 2008
An American perspective. The people we emulate, ‘Our special relations?’ (Mad Uncle??)
Back to UK.

The clamour to cut public sector pay is based on myth
State incomes remain comparably low – calls for a freeze can't distract us from the real issue: outlandish executive pay

Polly Toynbee - Guardian 06/07/2009

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