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Is this the best we can do?

Rosy Rewriting

The full piece can be found here.

Rosy rewriting of the Iraq debacle will fuel worse disaster in Afghanistan

Benefit thieves

Press release from the DWP

No return to boom and bust!

No return to boom and bust: what Brown said when he was chancellor.

Deborah Summers in the Guardian


Top judge: US and UK acted as 'vigilantes' in Iraq invasion
Former senior law lord condemns 'serious violation of international law'
Richard Norton Taylor in the Guardian 18/11/08

Weighed and found wanting
Lord Bingham has compared Britain's actions over Iraq to vigilantism. But at least a vigilante acts in good faith.
Chris Ames in the Guardian 18/11/08

Well, Mr Brown?

Well, Mr Brown it seems to be down to you.

A week that taught me home truths about the housing market.

Will Hutton in the Observer.

The Global Warming Scandal

The code clearly needs rewrting so that ofcom does have to decide if the claims made within a documentary are accurate. .
How can you misrepresent and not mislead?
How can you break rules on impartiality and not mislead.
Especially over something so crucial.

‘Man made global warming is a conspiracy and a fraud.’


Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin issue number No 114

Why does Channel 4 seem to be waging war againast the greens? George Monbiot in the Guardian.

Guru of the playgroup

Interesting article in the Guardian about Kathy Sylva - Professor of Educational Psychology at Oxford University.

Guru of the Playgroup


Britain sues over deportation.

No Slogans here son.

Guardian 7th April 2008


Read more about Ali Ghaith Abdul-Ahad in the Guardian: Thursday 20th March 2008

Listen to Mr Bush Via Reuter's Video Link in the Guardian - Thursday 20th March 2008

Catch Steve Bell Guardian Cartoonist - Thursday 20th March 2008

Read Hans Blix 'A war of utter folly' Guardian - Thursday 20th March

Read Seumas Milne 'There must be a reckoning for this day of infamy' Guardian - Thursday 20th March 2008

Mapping the dead.

The Guardian is prepared to map the dead, which is more than can be
said for the Observer's summing up of the hard lessons we have to learn.
That Leader makes no mention of Iraqi casualties at all.
I guess the people who have suffered most are too dead to worry about it!
Prior to the publication of the map, the Guardian published an indepth analysis of the death toll.

Try Media Lens Alerts

Search for 'With Total Destruction'- The Failure of Journalism.

Conspicuous by his absence at this juncture. - Mr T Blair

First Strike

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