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It's the police what done it!


Thatcher government toyed with evacuating Liverpool after 1981 riots
National Archives files reveal ministerial warning to PM not to spend money on deprived city, saying decline was largely self-inflicted

Alan Travis - Guardian 30/112011


Rioters say anger with police fuelled summer unrest
Guardian-LSE study of riots – involving hundreds of interviews with participants – reveals deep antipathy towards officers

Paul Lewis, Tim Newburn, Matthew Taylor, James Ball - Guardian 05/12/2011


Indifferent elites, poverty and police brutality – all reasons to riot in the UK
This summer's social unrest in Britain was destructive and incoherent but, as our study shows, it was still a form of protest

Gary Yonge - Guardian 05/12/2011


Inept Crew


As the cuts bleed harder, the cruel Tory truth will emerge
In my political lifetime, I have never seen a more callous or inept crew in charge. This is no time for Labour to lose its nerve

Polly Toynbee - Guardian 31/12/2011

Crass Stupidity


David Cameron's act of crass stupidity on Europe
Cameron has made a crucial misjudgment, simply to appease the City and his own jingoistic rightwingers

Will Hutton - Observer 11/12/2011



George Osborne has no idea how to rescue the economy – but then who has?
Anyone who believes the chancellor merely has to keep calm and carry on ignores the likely consequences

Will Hutton - Observer 04/11/2011

Will we live through failure?


Europe takes an inspiring leap but Britain has a lesson to learn
Europeans are engaging in something more bold and innovative but argument is not going to change England's hostility

Will Hutton - Observer 30/10/2011

£10M Unpaid Tax!!


UK Uncut targets Goldman Sachs's £10m tax
Campaign group launches legal action after leaked documents reveal investment bankers' secret deal with HMRC

David Leigh 28/10/2011

UK Uncut



FTSE 100 directors' earnings rose by almost half last year
Latest survey of boardroom pay finds average compensation went up by 49% to £2.7m

Jill Treanor - Guardian 28/10/2011

What the Fuck!
We’re all in it together again!
Not to mention that the economy is contracting.
Just how
are they worth it?

Pretty Unfair Don't You Know?


Britain ranks poorly in global 'fairness' league
Child poverty and inequality of opportunity put Britain in 15th place out of 31 wealthy nations, according to German thinktank

Randeep Ramesh - Guardian 27/10/2011

After All That?!

The Iraq war is finally over. And it marks a complete neocon defeat
Thanks to the toppling of Saddam Hussein, Iran's greatest enemy, Tehran's influence in Iraq is stronger than America's

Jonathan Steele - Guardian 23/10/2011

Meaningful Negotiations??

Unions are our last defence, and Ed Miliband must join their fight
No more 'distancing' or posturing: we urgently need a radical alternative to austerity, and Miliband has to stand by his allies

Mehdi Hasan - Guardian 14/09/2011

Mr Murdoch has a lot to answer for



What hope is there for us if America is driven to the brink of meltdown?
If the US cannot service its public debts and defaults, the outcome will have catastrophic consequences

Will Hutton - Observer 17/06/2011

And the leading cheer leader is
Rupert Murdoch’s
Fox News

Time to go Mr Cameron


Sir Paul Stephenson turns on David Cameron
Britain's top police officer has resigned and turned on the prime minister in a dramatic escalation of the phone hacking scandal

Vikram Dodd & Patrick Wintour - Guardian 17/06/2011

But that’s not all.


Scotland Yard's finest called to account over 'culture of collusion' with the press
Friendship between John Yates and Neil Wallis, once treasured by both men, is at the centre of the hacking firestorm

Daniel Boffey and Mark Townsend - Guardian 17/06/2011



Biggest school strikes since 1980s as doubts grow on pension reform
Forecast that cost of pensions will fall in the future leads to row over David Cameron's claim that system could 'go broke'

Polly Curtis, Helene Mulholland, Dan Milmo - Guardian 30/06/2011

Substitute stealing for reforming and we might be nearer the mark.
Just listen to the silence from Government ministers after the day’s action.
And of course there were no doubts on our part at all.

And did you read Melanie

Teachers have a duty of care to their pupils and
that is why they should never go on strike

Melanie Phillips - Daily Mail 27/06/2011

To strike is the last refuge of the useless.
Try telling that to people who know their government is lying.
Michael Gove is uncompromising
in issuing empty soundbites
that parents should break the strike.

Norfolk had a day’s inset to allow the children to attend the Norfolk Show.
Highly educational
Learn to doff and curtsey to the county set.

Teaching is a vocation
which needs to be nurtured and honoured
not subjected to continuing harrassment.
Whether over arguments about pensions
the continuing swings of ideological pedagogy.

Primary education is in complete limbo.
And is likely to be for another year.

Scapegoats for the bankers


Lord Hutton has made scapegoats of public sector workers
Hutton knows pensions are being cut not because they are unaffordable but because banks caused a public finance crisis

Mark Serwotka - Guardian 10/03/2011

He weighed in again this morning.

Lord Hutton said people had to face the "reality" that public sector pension reform was necessary and that strikes would not "make this problem go away". When asked if Ed Miliband should oppose the threat of industrial action by the unions that backed him to become party leader, Hutton said "of course". He also said he would like to see Miliband endorse his report.

    Lord Hutton calls on Ed Miliband to support pension reform plans
    Former Labour business secretary also says that unions should stop threatening strikes and that people need to 'face reality'

    Allegra Stratton - Guardian 19/06/2011



      Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class by Owen Jones – review
      This persuasive book about the label 'chav' makes a nonsense of the idea that Britain is now classless

      Sean O’Hagan - Observer 19/06/2011

      But there again surely they are just regaining the power they’ve had in the past.

      Our current cabinet has an essentially Victorian/Edwardian composition.
      There’s a photograph that gives it away that apparently we’re not allowed to see anymore.
      The deficit is a bail out for the banks.
      A mere smoke screen for what they would have done anyway presumably.

      Afghanistan round 3


      Cables From Kabul: The Inside Story of the West's Afghanistan Campaign by Sherard Cowper-Coles – review
      Sherard Cowper-Coles, once our man in Kabul, has written the best account yet of another botched western mission

      William Dalrymple - Guardian 16/06/2011

      Cowper-Coles seemed genuinely sad to be leaving Afghanistan but he was frank in his assessment. All was not lost; there were still opportunities. But without a clearer political vision, the sacrifices being made by British soldiers were doomed to terminate in embarrassing withdrawal, with Afghanistan yet again left in tribal chaos and quite possibly ruled by the same government that the war was originally fought to overthrow.

      And of course he is an example of another clear thinking, honest Ambassador to lose his job on return to Whitehall.
      You do wonder what all the others accept to carry on with their careers?

      145 x the median wage


      Anxiety keeps the super-rich safe from middle-class rage
      The pay gap at the top should change the terms of political trade. But the squeezed middle must first learn to look up

      Peter Wilby - Guardian 18/05/2011

      Britain's top pay bonanza knows no bounds
      High pay matters economically as well as morally and socially. The unsustainable remuneration system must be reformed

      Deborah Hargreaves - Guardian 16/05/2011

      Pay at the top of Britain’s companies and banks shows no sign of stopping its dramatic rise as average incomes stagnate. By 2030, the top 0.1% of earners is set to take a share of national income not seen since Victorian times if current trends continue…

      Highpay Comission



      Chav: the vile word at the heart of fractured Britain
      Fostering the loathing of a feral underclass allows public resentment to be diverted from those above to those below

      Polly Toynbee - 31/05/2011

      £60.2bn better off


      Anxiety keeps the super-rich safe from middle-class rage
      The pay gap at the top should change the terms of political trade. But the squeezed middle must first learn to look up

      Peter Wilby - Guardian 18/05/2011

      Victorian Values


      The country needs an economic vision, but who will provide it?
      Labour's lost its voice, the Lib Dems are denying their past and the Tories revel in living by Victorian orthodoxies

      Will Hutton - Observer 08/0511

      Lost opportunity


      Yet again, a chance to rein in the bankers has been squandered
      It seems we have learned nothing from the financial crisis and are willing to let the City carry on as it likes

      Will Hutton - Observer 17/04/2011

      Empire - Racist Despotism


      Ignoring its imperial history licenses the west to repeat it
      The former colonial powers who now fly the flag of protection and rights as they go to war will not deliver either

      Seumas Milne - Guardian 06/04/2011


      Met police are criminalising a generation of students, claims law firm
      Hodge Jones & Allen says Met has handed out excessive number of cautions for aggravated trespass to students

      Jessica Shepherd 06/03/2011

      Turn the clock back!


      NHS shakeup risks return to 1930s, warns leading doctor
      Reforms means service will be 'tattered safety net' for patients with complex illnesses, says Dr Mark Porter

      Dennis Campbell - Guardian 06/03/2011

      War against the sick!

      'The medical was an absolute joke'
      The government's reform of the disability benefits system has angered claimants, who say the new tests fail to identify why they can't work. Amelia Gentleman reports on the fallout of Cameron's war against 'sicknote culture'

      Amelia Gentleman - Guardian 23/02/2011

      Looks Like It.
      Especially as its a war.

      Corporate Behaviour = Psychopath


      Comment Is Free But Freedom Is Slavery - An Exchange With The Guardian’s Economics Edit
      Media Lens -22/02/2011


      1% Only


      Bob Diamond: No apologies. No restraint. No shame.

      'Period of remorse needs to be over,' says Barclays chief, defying MPs over bonus culture

      James Moore - Independent 12/01/2011

      The time for remorse is over
      Forget it.
      You’ve got to pay now!
      Suck it up!

      Barclays bank forced to admit it paid just £113m in corporation tax in 2009
      Admission stuns politicians and tax campaigners on the eve of a day of protests planned against high street banks

      Jill Treanor - Guardian 18/02/2011

      We will succeed it not paying much tax!


      Comment Is Free But Freedom Is Slavery - An Exchange With The Guardian’s Economics Edit
      Media Lens -22/02/2011


      Getting Poorer


      And as people get poorer, the buck stops with you, Mervyn King
      The Bank of England governor is in the middle of two rows, one over his backing for the cuts and the other over not raising interest rates

      Will Hutton - Observer 20/02/2011

      Bludgeon, Bluster and Lies


      How we will release the grip of state control
      A new White Paper will decentralise public services and replace targets with common sense.

      David Cameron - Telegraph 20/02/2011

      The state released its grip
      on the banks, which in turn
      led to the mess, which
      means millions will now
      family insecurity
      community breakdown
      a myriad social problems

      We’ve always needed the state
      to stand up for people
      against money.

      That’s the story that’s
      not being told.

      New Labour didn’t
      understand that either.

      Perhaps Labour will?

      A rider to this in the form of


      But if they go to far they can be bailed out by Governments to the misery
      and detriment of the civil society of their populations.

      David Cameron urged by No 10 newcomer to widen services shakeup
      Former KPMG man advocates extension of payment by results, volunteer-run libraries and court budgets determined by success of sentences

      Patrick Wintour -21/02/2011

      Food Price Speculation


      Food speculation: 'People die from hunger while banks make a killing on food'
      It's not just bad harvests and climate change – it's also speculators that are behind record prices. And it's the planet's poorest who pay

      John Vidal - Observer 23/01/2011

      Not for you. Or you.


      If Chilcot is our finest inquisitor, thank heavens for WikiLeaks
      Tony Blair's evasions at the Chilcot inquiry continue to be an insult to the British public

      Henry Porter - Observer 23/01/11

      The Bailouts were just too successful.


      Bringing the bankers to heel must start right here, right now
      Big Finance has to be brought under control or outrageous bonuses will still be paid and there will be another crisis

      Will Hutton - Observer 16/01/2011

      A trifle late
      The stable door
      Bolting Horses.

      Barclays - Red in Tooth and Claw


      Bob Diamond: No apologies. No restraint. No shame.

      'Period of remorse needs to be over,' says Barclays chief, defying MPs over bonus culture

      James Moore - Independent 12/01/2011

      The time for remorse is over
      Forget it.
      You’ve got to pay now!
      Suck it up!

      Structural Deficit or No.

      The fallacy of Osbornomics
      Tories claim deficit reduction is the urgent task, when it was already falling without cuts in public spending

      John Ross - Guardian 10/11/2011

      Only if you can afford it!

      The rich will reap none of the pain and all of the gain of Kenneth Clarke's legal aid cuts
      To understand the government's phoney war on fat cat lawyers don't just look at the victims, look at the beneficiaries

      George Monbiot - Guardian 10/01/2011

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