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Have a happy Christmas, things can only get worse
From local government to health, spending plans show the deepest cuts are yet to come. This is bad news for Labour too

Polly Toynbee - Guardian 20/12/2012



Thames Water – a private equity plaything that takes us for fools
When the water company was privatised we were promised a utopia of private sector efficiency

Will Hutton - Observer 11/11/2012

Only the little people suffer


A roll call of corporate rogues who are milking the country
The scale of unpaid tax now outstrips the entire deficit. Forcing the elite to pay up is a matter of both justice and necessity.

Seamus Milne - Guardian 30/10/2102

And he goes on to comment on those wonderful multinational companies who mange to avoid paying tax.
Roughly 3% instead of the standard 26%.


What a question?


The criminalisation of protest is part of the elite's class war
Trenton Oldfield's sentence for disrupting the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race makes it clear which class is being protected

Nina Power - Guardian 19/10/2012

Soon answered

Public nuisance
6 Months
in Jail
Disrupted the smooth running
of things
Go to jail
Dissent be hanged.

Oldfield’s Protest

Kill Broc!


Badger cull: in the interests of no one
Once again a British government has chosen to seek the best possible scientific advice and then ignore it

Guardian Editorial - 23/09/2012

Well I guess it must be in the interests of blind prejudice and superstitious thinking then.

F____ Plebs


In full: Police log detailing Andrew Mitchell's 'pleb' rant
Here The Daily Telegraph publishes in full the 442-word police log of the incident in which the Conservative Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell abused police officers

Robert Winnet - Telegraph 24/09/2012

'Best you learned your f****** place, you
don't run this f******* government, you're f****** plebs': What Chief Whip told police revealed in official log

The new Chief Whip blames a 'long and frustrating day' - which he
spent dining at The Cinnamon Club, London's poshest curry house.

Matt Chorley & Jason Groves - Daily Mail 25/09/2012

And all because he had to take his bike through a pedestrian gate for his own safety.

Rocketing Inflation


Inflation: when the commute costs £5,000
Which has gone up more in the five years since the financial crisis began: wages or food prices?

Editorial - 14/08/2012

The failure of austerity


The facts are clear. This cruel austerity experiment has failed
While the human cost of economic stupidity is all too visible, the world's leaders are paralysed by their dogma

02/07/2012 WIll Hutton - Observer

But we’re not quite in it together.

Prices for prime central London properties have risen nearly 50% since a post-credit crunch low in March 2009 and have just hit a record high – more than 12% above their previous peak in March 2008 – according to estate agency Knight Frank.

London property offers stable investment for wealthy Europeans
Greeks park money in Britain's safe haven as Italians and Spaniards join the eurozone escape

Julia Kollewe and Rupert Neate - Guardian 01/05/2012

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