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Scaremongering Food Banks


Charities condemn Iain Duncan Smith for food bank snub
Requests for meetings with work and pensions secretary to discuss growing crisis have been refused

Toby Helm - Guardian 21/12/2013

A measure of sanity


Don't let dubious Pisa league tables dictate how we educate our children
Once again Britain has done badly in the international assessment of schooling. But there is more to learning than this

Peter Wilby Guardian 01/12/2013

If only we actually taught within this framework.

Spirit of envy

The Spirit of Envy

A valuable spur to economic activity

so sayeth

B Johnson

Boris Johnson invokes Thatcher spirit with greed is good speech
London mayor calls for return of selective schools in bid for Tory right's support

Nicholas Watt - Guardian 27th November 2013

Let’s hope the Gordon Gecko’s of London will end up in prison like the original.



What poppies, Prince George and the NSA tell us about freedom
While Edward Snowden revealed an over-mighty state, there are other symptoms. In Britain, democracy has some way to go

Martin Kettle - Guardian 30th October 2013

Slavery and Sugar


Black History Month can only be declared a success once it's redundant
Uplifting stories of individual triumph, like those of Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Mary Seacole, don't do nearly enough to fill the knowledge gap

Andrea Stuart - Guardian 31st October 2013


150 years on


OECD literacy leagues: poverty and inequality blamed for England's results
Problem may lie in lack of encouragement and opportunity for people to study once they have left school

Richard Adams - Guardian 08/10/2013




This defeat over Syria has left the prime minister humbled, not Britain
The character of the country shouldn't take the blame for spectacular miscalculations in Downing Street

Andrew Rawnsley - Observer 01/09/2013




The lack of Ed!


In language and action, there's a new brutalism in Westminster
George Osborne is not interested in helping people. His purpose is political positioning

WIll Hutton - Observer 29/06/2103

Hardly a
new brutalism, but you do wonder where Ed is?



Blame austerity, not old people, for the plight of Britain's young
We have to refashion our economic model so that it works for everyone – particularly the young

Will Hutton - Observer 23/06/2013



Ministers who misuse statistics to mislead voters must pay the price
Politicians resign for fake expenses or receiving favours, but not for making false statements. They should be punished.

Peter Wilby - Guardian 31/05/2013



Driverless cars, pilotless planes … will there be jobs left for a human being?
Throughout history, economic upheaval has destroyed whole industries – and created new ones. But now, some fear automation may mean the death of mass employment

Will Hutton Observer 19/05/2103

Banker - Not Bashing


Bankers carry on unabashed, unscathed and unashamed
The right's folly lies in its inability to understand that bankers have barely been slapped

Nick Cohen - The Observer 07/03/2013


To compare to the fictions about welfare


Benefits in Britain: separating the facts from the fiction
How many people are dependent on welfare – and do families where three generations have never worked really exist?

The Observer - 06/04/2013

A queenie gets a 16% pay rise


Queen gets £5m pay rise from taxpayer
Grant to cover household running costs rises to £36.1m – up from £31m in diamond jubilee year

Guardian - 02/04/2013

Which happens to be on top of the 20% increase in her pay last year.

The price was worth it!


Iraq's pain has only intensified since 2003

The country of my birth, already so damaged, is now crippled by fear of all-out civil war. But in the people there is hope

Sami Ramadani - Guardian 14/03/2013

Liar! Liar!


David Cameron - Reported in the Guardian

OBR chief writes to Cameron disputing his austerity programme claims
Robert Chote says the government's spending cuts and tax rises have knocked 1.4% off GDP over the past two years

Phillip Inman - Guardian 08/03/13




and why unprecedented

He lied
He was trying to mislead.
We are all suffering except for him and his ilk.
Huge societal damage is being done in the name of

Perfectly RIght


Now even the right is focused on capitalism's flaws
Even some Tories are starting to accept that our free market model doesn't work

Nick Cohen - Observer 27/01/2013

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