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Left Smart


We can’t allow the tech giants to rule smart cities

Technology is transforming global cities. But we need to think hard about who controls a system
where all people and all things are tracked, all of the time.

Paul Mason - Guardian 25/10/15

Conveniently ignored


How the banks ignored the lessons of the crash.

Joris Luyendijk - Guardian 01/10/2015

Which we are still paying for
the guise of austerity,
which is in itself
manufactured by the people
who brought us the crash.
To top up the very people
who caused the crash.


- Coat of arms update - Caveat emptor

Consolidation State


George Osborne’s Tea Party settlement is the stuff of cold sweats

Aditya Chakrabortty - Guardian 16/06/2015

Poorest Fifth


The Tories will reduce UK public spending to Estonian levels

Danny Dorling & Mary O’Hara - Guardian 15/04/2015

Where is the labour party?


Richard Scudamore: It is not clubs’ responsibility to pay staff living wage

Guardian Sport 11/02/2015

Where is the Labour Party?
New Labour
Capital has no sense of responsibility.

The Conservatives agree
as you can see
the damage they are doing.

“All in it together”
But a few
are far wealthier
that most others.

The Liberal Democrats
offer only
“If companies can afford to pay the living wage,
they should”

Where is the labour party?

Cheap Words


HSBC files: international outcry over activities at bank’s Swiss arm.

Juliette Garside, Patrick Wintour and Karen McVeigh - Guardian 09/02/2015

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