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D Trump


The Observer view of Trump’s insults to Britain

Observer Editorial 03/12/17


What a moment to cut ourselves off from friends in Europe

Nick Cohen - Observer 03/12/17

Social Mobility


Theresa May faces new crisis after mass
walkout over social policy

Michael Savage - Observer 02/12/17

Don't you just love the non engagement of the government's response and the lies that go with it.

The Mogg


Jacob Rees-Mogg's pose is fake. The contempt is real

Polly Toynbee - Guardian 14/08/17

A cold reactionary lies behind the Jacob Rees-Mogg act

Catherine Bennet - Guardian 22/0717


Why Jacob Rees-Mogg for Tory leader is
no laughing matter

Michael Segalov - Guardian 20/0717


from the Telegraph


The wit and the wisdom of Jacob Rees-Mogg

Francis Blagburn - Telegraph 14/08/17

Historical Nightmares


Ten years after the crash, there’s barely
suppressed civil war in Britain

Aditya Chakrabortty - Guardian 15/08/17


How the crash discredited the Anglo-US democratic model

Will Hutton - Observer 13/08/17

Cynical Manipulation of Pensioners



Guardian Long Reads on Ageing and retirement. A series of nine articles

Guardian 29/03/17

Economic Failure


Populism is the result of global economic failure

Larry Elliot - Guardian

Interesting comments on this article
One in particular

Good article. Sums up the core of the problem perfectly. If you add to that the complete imbalance of economic circumstances between first and third world countries you can see quite clearly why we're in the current mess. Which suits the populists just fine. All they have to do is pander to the instinct most of us have when faced with a crisis: circle the wagons. Insulate ourselves from all those nasty problems. Close the borders, no more immigrants or foreigners to take our jobs or flood our social security systems. Simple solution, really: revert to nationalism.
Except it doesn't work like that as countless examples throughout history have shown. The populists' "solution" is just another one of these panacea Elliot was talking about. Might work in the short run (and even that's doubtful, cf. Brexit or Trumpism) but it will definitely make things worse in the long run because it boosts group-think to levels where conflict, even armed conflict between first world states becomes a real possibility again.
The solution to all that misery is far, far more complex than the populists would have us believe. It lies in the fight to restore economic balance on a national AND an international level. This fight begins at home, that's true, and that's where the article is right (strengthen trade unions, get away from that "boss"-driven, profit oriented society back towards a saner and more just distribution of wealth). But by no means does it end there. If you want to combat social inequalities you have to acknowledge these things don't stop at borders. Multinationals and profiteers can only be tackled on an international level because, as the name implies, they are not hampered by nationality. And it certainly won't help if we turn in on ourselves like the populists want us to do. On the contrary, that will only enhance the "business opportunities" for the 1% who are very adept at playing one nation against the other.

Double Standard Contortions


Theresa May is dragging the UK under.
This time Scotland must cut the rope.

George Mondiot - Guardian 15/03/17

The make up of an ox


Why time management is ruining our lives.

All of our efforts to be more productive backfire – and only make us feel even busier and more stressed
Oliver Burkeman - Guardian 22/12/16

Trump's Climate Change


Trump in the White House: An Interview With Noam Chomsky

CJ Polychroniou - Truthout 14/11/2106

Human Rights Cost Cutting


Equality watchdog’s human rights fight ‘under threat’ after cuts
Union fears Equality Commission will become ‘dog with no bark, no bite and no ability to watch’

Jamie Doward - The Observer 20/11/16

Abortion still Criminal Act


Victorian abortion law ‘breaches human rights’
Women’s Equality leader calls for decriminalisation as party is set to gather for its first conference

Tracey McVeigh - The Observer 20/11/16

Political Extremism


These aren't hard Brexiters. They're political extremists

Zoe Williams - Guardian 16/10/16

The death of neoliberalism


The death of neoliberalism and the crisis in western politics

Martin Jacques - Guardian 21/08/16



Chilcot’s judgment is utterly damning – but it’s still not justice

George Monbiot - Guardian 06/07/2016

From the horse's mouth


You’re witnessing the death of neoliberalism – from within

Aditya Chakrabortty - Guardian 31/05/16

Well it's about time.
he points out
this is from the researchers
who have time to ponder and reflect
who also like to leave themselves
a get out clause or two.

But this was confirmed by the
The labour share of National income is back to where it was in WW2.
In the US it's back to where it was in the 1930s
France back to 1897.
With a commensurate rise in income inequality.

Gambling Deaths



The Big Gamble: the dangerous world of British betting shops.

Tom Lamont - Guardian 31/05/16

But the shops are still single manned.
The attacks continue to happen.
The managements of
may well be
"continually monitoring"
but it is
"very unlikely"
that maximising profits will allow dual manning to return.

The workers will continue to work in fear.

Even though attacks are
and the firms action could be viewed as negligent.
Judge Michael Chambers in a recent case.

Lies - The truth


Justice finally triumphed. But let us not forget the original wrongs

Frank Cottrell Boyce - Guardian 01/05/16

Green Shoots


How Labour will secure the high-wage,
hi-tech economy of the future

John McDonnell - Guardian 19/11/2015

Still Lurking


Trident: the British question

The debate is not simply about submarines and missiles. It touches almost every anxiety about the identity of the United Kingdom. The decision may tell us what kind of country - or countries - we will become

Ian Jack - Guardian 11/02/2016

Unaffordable/ - rubbish


Don't believe the myth that the NHS is unaffordable.

Neena Modi - Guardian 09/02/2016

Commonwealth Fund report


the oh so reasoned demand for us all to pay extra insurance

How paying for your treatment would help save the NHS

Christopher Smallwood - Guardian 08/02/2016

and that lovely bit of guilt tripping yesterday

How much have I cost the NHS?

Left Smart


We can’t allow the tech giants to rule smart cities

Technology is transforming global cities. But we need to think hard about who controls a system
where all people and all things are tracked, all of the time.

Paul Mason - Guardian 25/10/15

Conveniently ignored


How the banks ignored the lessons of the crash.

Joris Luyendijk - Guardian 01/10/2015

Which we are still paying for
the guise of austerity,
which is in itself
manufactured by the people
who brought us the crash.
To top up the very people
who caused the crash.


- Coat of arms update - Caveat emptor

Consolidation State


George Osborne’s Tea Party settlement is the stuff of cold sweats

Aditya Chakrabortty - Guardian 16/06/2015

Poorest Fifth


The Tories will reduce UK public spending to Estonian levels

Danny Dorling & Mary O’Hara - Guardian 15/04/2015

Where is the labour party?


Richard Scudamore: It is not clubs’ responsibility to pay staff living wage

Guardian Sport 11/02/2015

Where is the Labour Party?
New Labour
Capital has no sense of responsibility.

The Conservatives agree
as you can see
the damage they are doing.

“All in it together”
But a few
are far wealthier
that most others.

The Liberal Democrats
offer only
“If companies can afford to pay the living wage,
they should”

Where is the labour party?

Cheap Words


HSBC files: international outcry over activities at bank’s Swiss arm.

Juliette Garside, Patrick Wintour and Karen McVeigh - Guardian 09/02/2015



Right-of-centre ideology has lost us the war in Afghanistan and much more besides
The ignominious retreat from Afghanistan is emblematic of a wider malaise that is afflicting Britain today

Will Hutton Guardian 28/12/14

Worse than a Defeat
James Meek

US army General Jack Keane speaking at a conference at Sandhurst in late 2013 about the twin debacles of Basra and Helmand:
“Gentleman, you let us down;
you let us down badly.”

Pre WW1 levels of inequality


Capitalism simply isn't working and here are the reasons why
Economist Thomas Piketty's message is bleak: the gap between rich and poor threatens to destroy us
Thomas Piketty interview: capitalism just doesn't add up

Will Hutton - Observer 12/04/2014

Labour's just not there.


The budget: Osbornism holds sway. It needs a bold response
Ed Miliband must now take a risk and voice a real alternative

Observer editorial - 23/03/2014


Just about sums it up


Who's to blame for the crisis, bankers or benefit claimants?
Class is the real dividing line in British politics, but politicians only talk about the middle class. That will have to change

Seumus Milne - Guardian 16/01/2014

The Just War


Michael Gove blasts 'Blackadder myths' about the First World War spread by television sit-coms and left-wing academics

  • Education Secretary says war is represented as a 'misbegotten shambles'

  • But he claims that it was in fact a 'just war' to combat German aggression

The guns that were silent are now firing again.


Michael Gove's intervention ignores the complexities of conflict
The education secretary is playing politics with the past, but its lessons are more profound

Observer Editorial - 04/01/2014

But perhaps his comments will allow people to understand why the EU is so important to us.


Labour condemns Michael Gove's 'crass' comments on first world war
Tristram Hunt says education secretary's attack on 'unpatriotic' views is a shocking attempt at political point-scoring

Toby Helm, Vanessa Thorpe and Phillip Otterman - Observer 04/01/2014

  • Michael Gove has hit out at TV shows and historians who depict the first world war as a "misbegotten shambles". But does satirising or criticising the great war really denigrate ordinary British soldiers, as the education secretary claims?


First world war: an imperial bloodbath that's a warning, not a noble cause
Tory claims that 1914 was a fight for freedom are absurd – but then history wars are about the future as much as the past

Seamas Milne - Guardian 08/01/2014



Buy-to-let property supremo shuts door on housing benefit tenants
One of Britain's best-known landlords, who owns nearly 1,000 homes, has sent out 200 eviction notices

Emma Lunn - Guardian 04/01/2014

Scaremongering Food Banks


Charities condemn Iain Duncan Smith for food bank snub
Requests for meetings with work and pensions secretary to discuss growing crisis have been refused

Toby Helm - Guardian 21/12/2013

A measure of sanity


Don't let dubious Pisa league tables dictate how we educate our children
Once again Britain has done badly in the international assessment of schooling. But there is more to learning than this

Peter Wilby Guardian 01/12/2013

If only we actually taught within this framework.

Spirit of envy

The Spirit of Envy

A valuable spur to economic activity

so sayeth

B Johnson

Boris Johnson invokes Thatcher spirit with greed is good speech
London mayor calls for return of selective schools in bid for Tory right's support

Nicholas Watt - Guardian 27th November 2013

Let’s hope the Gordon Gecko’s of London will end up in prison like the original.



What poppies, Prince George and the NSA tell us about freedom
While Edward Snowden revealed an over-mighty state, there are other symptoms. In Britain, democracy has some way to go

Martin Kettle - Guardian 30th October 2013

Slavery and Sugar


Black History Month can only be declared a success once it's redundant
Uplifting stories of individual triumph, like those of Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Mary Seacole, don't do nearly enough to fill the knowledge gap

Andrea Stuart - Guardian 31st October 2013


150 years on


OECD literacy leagues: poverty and inequality blamed for England's results
Problem may lie in lack of encouragement and opportunity for people to study once they have left school

Richard Adams - Guardian 08/10/2013




This defeat over Syria has left the prime minister humbled, not Britain
The character of the country shouldn't take the blame for spectacular miscalculations in Downing Street

Andrew Rawnsley - Observer 01/09/2013






Blame austerity, not old people, for the plight of Britain's young
We have to refashion our economic model so that it works for everyone – particularly the young

Will Hutton - Observer 23/06/2013

The lack of Ed!


In language and action, there's a new brutalism in Westminster
George Osborne is not interested in helping people. His purpose is political positioning

WIll Hutton - Observer 29/06/2103

Hardly a
new brutalism, but you do wonder where Ed is?



Ministers who misuse statistics to mislead voters must pay the price
Politicians resign for fake expenses or receiving favours, but not for making false statements. They should be punished.

Peter Wilby - Guardian 31/05/2013



Driverless cars, pilotless planes … will there be jobs left for a human being?
Throughout history, economic upheaval has destroyed whole industries – and created new ones. But now, some fear automation may mean the death of mass employment

Will Hutton Observer 19/05/2103

Banker - Not Bashing


Bankers carry on unabashed, unscathed and unashamed
The right's folly lies in its inability to understand that bankers have barely been slapped

Nick Cohen - The Observer 07/03/2013


To compare to the fictions about welfare


Benefits in Britain: separating the facts from the fiction
How many people are dependent on welfare – and do families where three generations have never worked really exist?

The Observer - 06/04/2013

A queenie gets a 16% pay rise


Queen gets £5m pay rise from taxpayer
Grant to cover household running costs rises to £36.1m – up from £31m in diamond jubilee year

Guardian - 02/04/2013

Which happens to be on top of the 20% increase in her pay last year.

The price was worth it!


Iraq's pain has only intensified since 2003

The country of my birth, already so damaged, is now crippled by fear of all-out civil war. But in the people there is hope

Sami Ramadani - Guardian 14/03/2013

Liar! Liar!


David Cameron - Reported in the Guardian

OBR chief writes to Cameron disputing his austerity programme claims
Robert Chote says the government's spending cuts and tax rises have knocked 1.4% off GDP over the past two years

Phillip Inman - Guardian 08/03/13




and why unprecedented

He lied
He was trying to mislead.
We are all suffering except for him and his ilk.
Huge societal damage is being done in the name of

Perfectly RIght


Now even the right is focused on capitalism's flaws
Even some Tories are starting to accept that our free market model doesn't work

Nick Cohen - Observer 27/01/2013



Have a happy Christmas, things can only get worse
From local government to health, spending plans show the deepest cuts are yet to come. This is bad news for Labour too

Polly Toynbee - Guardian 20/12/2012



Thames Water – a private equity plaything that takes us for fools
When the water company was privatised we were promised a utopia of private sector efficiency

Will Hutton - Observer 11/11/2012

Only the little people suffer


A roll call of corporate rogues who are milking the country
The scale of unpaid tax now outstrips the entire deficit. Forcing the elite to pay up is a matter of both justice and necessity.

Seamus Milne - Guardian 30/10/2102

And he goes on to comment on those wonderful multinational companies who mange to avoid paying tax.
Roughly 3% instead of the standard 26%.


What a question?


The criminalisation of protest is part of the elite's class war
Trenton Oldfield's sentence for disrupting the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race makes it clear which class is being protected

Nina Power - Guardian 19/10/2012

Soon answered

Public nuisance
6 Months
in Jail
Disrupted the smooth running
of things
Go to jail
Dissent be hanged.

Oldfield’s Protest

Kill Broc!


Badger cull: in the interests of no one
Once again a British government has chosen to seek the best possible scientific advice and then ignore it

Guardian Editorial - 23/09/2012

Well I guess it must be in the interests of blind prejudice and superstitious thinking then.

F____ Plebs


In full: Police log detailing Andrew Mitchell's 'pleb' rant
Here The Daily Telegraph publishes in full the 442-word police log of the incident in which the Conservative Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell abused police officers

Robert Winnet - Telegraph 24/09/2012

'Best you learned your f****** place, you
don't run this f******* government, you're f****** plebs': What Chief Whip told police revealed in official log

The new Chief Whip blames a 'long and frustrating day' - which he
spent dining at The Cinnamon Club, London's poshest curry house.

Matt Chorley & Jason Groves - Daily Mail 25/09/2012

And all because he had to take his bike through a pedestrian gate for his own safety.

Rocketing Inflation


Inflation: when the commute costs £5,000
Which has gone up more in the five years since the financial crisis began: wages or food prices?

Editorial - 14/08/2012

The failure of austerity


The facts are clear. This cruel austerity experiment has failed
While the human cost of economic stupidity is all too visible, the world's leaders are paralysed by their dogma

02/07/2012 WIll Hutton - Observer

But we’re not quite in it together.

Prices for prime central London properties have risen nearly 50% since a post-credit crunch low in March 2009 and have just hit a record high – more than 12% above their previous peak in March 2008 – according to estate agency Knight Frank.

London property offers stable investment for wealthy Europeans
Greeks park money in Britain's safe haven as Italians and Spaniards join the eurozone escape

Julia Kollewe and Rupert Neate - Guardian 01/05/2012

It's the police what done it!


Thatcher government toyed with evacuating Liverpool after 1981 riots
National Archives files reveal ministerial warning to PM not to spend money on deprived city, saying decline was largely self-inflicted

Alan Travis - Guardian 30/112011


Rioters say anger with police fuelled summer unrest
Guardian-LSE study of riots – involving hundreds of interviews with participants – reveals deep antipathy towards officers

Paul Lewis, Tim Newburn, Matthew Taylor, James Ball - Guardian 05/12/2011


Indifferent elites, poverty and police brutality – all reasons to riot in the UK
This summer's social unrest in Britain was destructive and incoherent but, as our study shows, it was still a form of protest

Gary Yonge - Guardian 05/12/2011


Inept Crew


As the cuts bleed harder, the cruel Tory truth will emerge
In my political lifetime, I have never seen a more callous or inept crew in charge. This is no time for Labour to lose its nerve

Polly Toynbee - Guardian 31/12/2011



George Osborne has no idea how to rescue the economy – but then who has?
Anyone who believes the chancellor merely has to keep calm and carry on ignores the likely consequences

Will Hutton - Observer 04/11/2011

Crass Stupidity


David Cameron's act of crass stupidity on Europe
Cameron has made a crucial misjudgment, simply to appease the City and his own jingoistic rightwingers

Will Hutton - Observer 11/12/2011

Pretty Unfair Don't You Know?


Britain ranks poorly in global 'fairness' league
Child poverty and inequality of opportunity put Britain in 15th place out of 31 wealthy nations, according to German thinktank

Randeep Ramesh - Guardian 27/10/2011

£10M Unpaid Tax!!


UK Uncut targets Goldman Sachs's £10m tax
Campaign group launches legal action after leaked documents reveal investment bankers' secret deal with HMRC

David Leigh 28/10/2011

UK Uncut



FTSE 100 directors' earnings rose by almost half last year
Latest survey of boardroom pay finds average compensation went up by 49% to £2.7m

Jill Treanor - Guardian 28/10/2011

What the Fuck!
We’re all in it together again!
Not to mention that the economy is contracting.
Just how
are they worth it?

Will we live through failure?


Europe takes an inspiring leap but Britain has a lesson to learn
Europeans are engaging in something more bold and innovative but argument is not going to change England's hostility

Will Hutton - Observer 30/10/2011

After All That?!

The Iraq war is finally over. And it marks a complete neocon defeat
Thanks to the toppling of Saddam Hussein, Iran's greatest enemy, Tehran's influence in Iraq is stronger than America's

Jonathan Steele - Guardian 23/10/2011

Meaningful Negotiations??

Unions are our last defence, and Ed Miliband must join their fight
No more 'distancing' or posturing: we urgently need a radical alternative to austerity, and Miliband has to stand by his allies

Mehdi Hasan - Guardian 14/09/2011

Mr Murdoch has a lot to answer for



What hope is there for us if America is driven to the brink of meltdown?
If the US cannot service its public debts and defaults, the outcome will have catastrophic consequences

Will Hutton - Observer 17/06/2011

And the leading cheer leader is
Rupert Murdoch’s
Fox News

Time to go Mr Cameron


Sir Paul Stephenson turns on David Cameron
Britain's top police officer has resigned and turned on the prime minister in a dramatic escalation of the phone hacking scandal

Vikram Dodd & Patrick Wintour - Guardian 17/06/2011

But that’s not all.


Scotland Yard's finest called to account over 'culture of collusion' with the press
Friendship between John Yates and Neil Wallis, once treasured by both men, is at the centre of the hacking firestorm

Daniel Boffey and Mark Townsend - Guardian 17/06/2011



Biggest school strikes since 1980s as doubts grow on pension reform
Forecast that cost of pensions will fall in the future leads to row over David Cameron's claim that system could 'go broke'

Polly Curtis, Helene Mulholland, Dan Milmo - Guardian 30/06/2011

Substitute stealing for reforming and we might be nearer the mark.
Just listen to the silence from Government ministers after the day’s action.
And of course there were no doubts on our part at all.

And did you read Melanie

Teachers have a duty of care to their pupils and
that is why they should never go on strike

Melanie Phillips - Daily Mail 27/06/2011

To strike is the last refuge of the useless.
Try telling that to people who know their government is lying.
Michael Gove is uncompromising
in issuing empty soundbites
that parents should break the strike.

Norfolk had a day’s inset to allow the children to attend the Norfolk Show.
Highly educational
Learn to doff and curtsey to the county set.

Teaching is a vocation
which needs to be nurtured and honoured
not subjected to continuing harrassment.
Whether over arguments about pensions
the continuing swings of ideological pedagogy.

Primary education is in complete limbo.
And is likely to be for another year.

Scapegoats for the bankers


Lord Hutton has made scapegoats of public sector workers
Hutton knows pensions are being cut not because they are unaffordable but because banks caused a public finance crisis

Mark Serwotka - Guardian 10/03/2011

He weighed in again this morning.

Lord Hutton said people had to face the "reality" that public sector pension reform was necessary and that strikes would not "make this problem go away". When asked if Ed Miliband should oppose the threat of industrial action by the unions that backed him to become party leader, Hutton said "of course". He also said he would like to see Miliband endorse his report.

    Lord Hutton calls on Ed Miliband to support pension reform plans
    Former Labour business secretary also says that unions should stop threatening strikes and that people need to 'face reality'

    Allegra Stratton - Guardian 19/06/2011



      Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class by Owen Jones – review
      This persuasive book about the label 'chav' makes a nonsense of the idea that Britain is now classless

      Sean O’Hagan - Observer 19/06/2011

      But there again surely they are just regaining the power they’ve had in the past.

      Our current cabinet has an essentially Victorian/Edwardian composition.
      There’s a photograph that gives it away that apparently we’re not allowed to see anymore.
      The deficit is a bail out for the banks.
      A mere smoke screen for what they would have done anyway presumably.

      Afghanistan round 3


      Cables From Kabul: The Inside Story of the West's Afghanistan Campaign by Sherard Cowper-Coles – review
      Sherard Cowper-Coles, once our man in Kabul, has written the best account yet of another botched western mission

      William Dalrymple - Guardian 16/06/2011

      Cowper-Coles seemed genuinely sad to be leaving Afghanistan but he was frank in his assessment. All was not lost; there were still opportunities. But without a clearer political vision, the sacrifices being made by British soldiers were doomed to terminate in embarrassing withdrawal, with Afghanistan yet again left in tribal chaos and quite possibly ruled by the same government that the war was originally fought to overthrow.

      And of course he is an example of another clear thinking, honest Ambassador to lose his job on return to Whitehall.
      You do wonder what all the others accept to carry on with their careers?

      145 x the median wage


      Anxiety keeps the super-rich safe from middle-class rage
      The pay gap at the top should change the terms of political trade. But the squeezed middle must first learn to look up

      Peter Wilby - Guardian 18/05/2011

      Britain's top pay bonanza knows no bounds
      High pay matters economically as well as morally and socially. The unsustainable remuneration system must be reformed

      Deborah Hargreaves - Guardian 16/05/2011

      Pay at the top of Britain’s companies and banks shows no sign of stopping its dramatic rise as average incomes stagnate. By 2030, the top 0.1% of earners is set to take a share of national income not seen since Victorian times if current trends continue…

      Highpay Comission



      Chav: the vile word at the heart of fractured Britain
      Fostering the loathing of a feral underclass allows public resentment to be diverted from those above to those below

      Polly Toynbee - 31/05/2011

      Victorian Values


      The country needs an economic vision, but who will provide it?
      Labour's lost its voice, the Lib Dems are denying their past and the Tories revel in living by Victorian orthodoxies

      Will Hutton - Observer 08/0511

      Lost opportunity


      Yet again, a chance to rein in the bankers has been squandered
      It seems we have learned nothing from the financial crisis and are willing to let the City carry on as it likes

      Will Hutton - Observer 17/04/2011

      Empire - Racist Despotism


      Ignoring its imperial history licenses the west to repeat it
      The former colonial powers who now fly the flag of protection and rights as they go to war will not deliver either

      Seumas Milne - Guardian 06/04/2011


      Met police are criminalising a generation of students, claims law firm
      Hodge Jones & Allen says Met has handed out excessive number of cautions for aggravated trespass to students

      Jessica Shepherd 06/03/2011

      Turn the clock back!


      NHS shakeup risks return to 1930s, warns leading doctor
      Reforms means service will be 'tattered safety net' for patients with complex illnesses, says Dr Mark Porter

      Dennis Campbell - Guardian 06/03/2011

      War against the sick!

      'The medical was an absolute joke'
      The government's reform of the disability benefits system has angered claimants, who say the new tests fail to identify why they can't work. Amelia Gentleman reports on the fallout of Cameron's war against 'sicknote culture'

      Amelia Gentleman - Guardian 23/02/2011

      Looks Like It.
      Especially as its a war.

      Corporate Behaviour = Psychopath


      Comment Is Free But Freedom Is Slavery - An Exchange With The Guardian’s Economics Edit
      Media Lens -22/02/2011


      Bludgeon, Bluster and Lies


      How we will release the grip of state control
      A new White Paper will decentralise public services and replace targets with common sense.

      David Cameron - Telegraph 20/02/2011

      The state released its grip
      on the banks, which in turn
      led to the mess, which
      means millions will now
      family insecurity
      community breakdown
      a myriad social problems

      We’ve always needed the state
      to stand up for people
      against money.

      That’s the story that’s
      not being told.

      New Labour didn’t
      understand that either.

      Perhaps Labour will?

      A rider to this in the form of


      But if they go to far they can be bailed out by Governments to the misery
      and detriment of the civil society of their populations.

      David Cameron urged by No 10 newcomer to widen services shakeup
      Former KPMG man advocates extension of payment by results, volunteer-run libraries and court budgets determined by success of sentences

      Patrick Wintour -21/02/2011

      Getting Poorer


      And as people get poorer, the buck stops with you, Mervyn King
      The Bank of England governor is in the middle of two rows, one over his backing for the cuts and the other over not raising interest rates

      Will Hutton - Observer 20/02/2011

      Food Price Speculation


      Food speculation: 'People die from hunger while banks make a killing on food'
      It's not just bad harvests and climate change – it's also speculators that are behind record prices. And it's the planet's poorest who pay

      John Vidal - Observer 23/01/2011

      Not for you. Or you.


      If Chilcot is our finest inquisitor, thank heavens for WikiLeaks
      Tony Blair's evasions at the Chilcot inquiry continue to be an insult to the British public

      Henry Porter - Observer 23/01/11

      Structural Deficit or No.

      The fallacy of Osbornomics
      Tories claim deficit reduction is the urgent task, when it was already falling without cuts in public spending

      John Ross - Guardian 10/11/2011

      Only if you can afford it!

      The rich will reap none of the pain and all of the gain of Kenneth Clarke's legal aid cuts
      To understand the government's phoney war on fat cat lawyers don't just look at the victims, look at the beneficiaries

      George Monbiot - Guardian 10/01/2011

      A pretty crappy generation!

      My generation squandered our golden opportunity
      Those of us who grew up in the 60s had the world at our feet but, despite the 'victory of the west', we've achieved nothing

      Geoffrey Wheatcroft - Guardian 28/12/2010


      The cold claims lives while energy companies get rich
      Successive governments have allowed Britain's privatised, liberalised utility companies to get away with murder

      George Monbiot - Guardian 27/12/2010

      No Notes

      Conservative links to Murdoch under scrutiny as private meeting revealed
      Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt held private talks with James Murdoch shortly after News Corp announced BSkyB offer

      James Robertson & Rob Evans - Guardian 22/12/2010

      Thankyou - New Labour

      Britain 'more Thatcherite now than in the 80s' says survey
      British Social Attitude report finds people less supportive of the welfare state than in the 1980s

      Polly Curtis - Guardian 13/12/2010

      They don't know.They can't know.

      John Pilger: Why are wars not being reported honestly?
      The public needs to know the truth about wars. So why have journalists colluded with governments to hoodwink us?

      John Pilger - Guardian 10/12/2010

      Instant Poverty

      Our national insurance offers precious little if the axe falls
      British welfare pitches laid-off staff into poverty. We must restore the link between what we pay out and what we get back

      Jenni Russell - Guardian 07/12/2010

      It was the Private Sector what did it!

      Students' power is limited. But their anger and revolt can prove contagious
      The protest means more than fees. If they resist education cuts, it would boost opposition to the whole austerity drive

      Gary Younge - Observer 05/12/2010

      Oh! Yes they did!

      Student protests: Met under fire for charging at demonstrators
      Video footage on YouTube shows mounted police riding at speed into a crowd of around 1,000 protesters in London

      Adam Gabbatt, Paul Lewis, Matthew Taylor, Rachel Williams - Guardian 26/11/2010


      Britain must close the great pay divide
      UK wage inequality is approaching levels not seen since the end of the first world war. Equality expert Danny Dorling argues a cap on bosses' pay is vital if Britain is to become a fairer place

      Danny Dorling - The Observer 28/11/2010

      Tax avoidance crisis!

      Yes, Britain's open for business – the sort of business that doesn't pay tax
      I don't know if Vodafone avoided paying billions. But slashing staff at the Revenue clearly benefits our richest companies

      George Monbiot 08/11/2010

      Yes! That’s three-quarters of the deficit.

      'No Investigation required'

      As there were no WMD.
      Wasn’t this the fall back position as to why
      Sadam Hussein needed to be removed?

      Mistreatment of helpless prisoners by Iraqi security forces included beatings, burning, electrocution and rape

      Nick Davies - Guardian 22/10/2010

      Iraq war logs: secret files show how US ignored torture
      • Massive leak reveals serial detainee abuse • 15,000 unknown civilian deaths in war Full coverage of the Iraq war logs Datablog: every death mapped

      Nick Davies, Jonathan Steele and David Leigh - Guardian 23/10/2010

      Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation
      • Hundreds of civilians killed by coalition troops • Covert unit hunts leaders for 'kill or capture' • Steep rise in Taliban bomb attacks on Nato • Read the Guardian's full war logs investigation

      Nick Davies and David Leigh - Guardian 23/10/2010

      To the promised land.

      George Osborne claims sweeping cuts will take the country back from the brink of bankruptcy

      Patrick Wintour & Larry Elliott- Guardian 21/10/2010

      Gambling again.
      Gambling got us here
      in the form of Casino Capitalism
      It seems unlikely that gambling is not the way to get out of it.

      But the more disturbing idea

      The Bullingdon boys want to finish what Thatcher began
      The Tories and Lib Dems are forcing through a battery of cuts for which they have no mandate. It is a kind of political cou

      Seumas Milne - Guardian 21/10/2010

      And that picture of the back slapping and jubilation.

      We’re all in it together?

      And from the Horse's mouth

      Rupert Murdoch applauds coalition's 'tough' approach to spending cuts
      News Corp chairman, delivering inaugural Baroness Thatcher lecture, says 'coalition must not be for turning'

      James Robinson - Guardian 22/10/2010

      And why not?
      ‘Economic Freedom’ so called got us here.

      Another Stimulus Needed?

      To choose austerity is to bet it all on the confidence fairy
      The mystical belief is that a smaller deficit will lead to an investment boom. What Britain really needs now is another stimulus

      Joseph Stiglitz - 19/10/10

      Poverty & Long term Unemployment

      UK's Nobel economics laureate Christopher Pissarides warns chancellor: don't axe jobless benefits
      • Jobless will sink into poverty, says Pissarides • Item Club also fears cuts are 'too much, too soon'

      Andrew Clark & Larry Elliot - Observer 17/10/10

      Economic Folly

      History will see these cuts as one of the great acts of political folly
      As America and China square up, the chancellor is ignoring the bigger picture with his ill-advised spending review

      Will Hutton - Observer 17/1/10

      “So when Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF managing director, acknowledged that the language of a recent IMF summit communique was "ineffective", that the time for "real action" had come and that he feared "a race to the bottom" as the major countries began to outdo each other in beggar-my-neighbour currency wars, you should sit up and listen.”

      Exulting in the cutbacks

      David Cameron's cost-cutting echoes that of Thatcher's first government – and it will be just as damaging
      Margaret Thatcher's targets were inflation and the unions rather than the budget deficit, but the same alarm bells are sounding

      William Keegan - Observer 15/08/2010

      Exulting - That’s the word. They do seem to be enjoying it!
      Particularly making the Public Sector pay ( and everyone else with the loss of services)
      for the Private Sector’s mess.

      Not to mention that they only achieved 3% more of the vote than they did in 2005

      And another solution which is much more equitable

      Deficit crisis: let's really be in it together
      A one-off tax of the rich has strong public support and would solve the UK's economic crisis at a stroke

      Greg Philo - Guardian 15/08/2010

      We have prepared very carefully!

      Francis Maude drives the pace of coalition's deep spending cuts
      Cabinet Office minister dubbed new Mandelson insists reforming government must not risk delay

      Patrick Wintour - Guardian 30/07/2010

      One lot apparently tried to save us from the worst crash since the 1930s, by bailing out
      some failing institutions which they allowed to be deregulated.
      This lot appear to want to save us by slashing every institution that provides a break
      on the worst excesses of world that caused the crash in the first place.

      And her name appears again.

      Tony wanted to be like her.
      Now David with renewed vigour takes her mantle.

      And the lesson

      Screw them quickly while they’re not looking.

      All those witnesses!

      Ian Tomlinson ruling: we must all fight this whitewash
      First Blair Peach. Then Jean Charles de Menezes. Now Ian Tomlinson. It is our duty to raise Cain this time

      George Monbiot - Guardian 23/07/2010

      And still no prosecution

      You do wonder what would have happened if it had been the other way round?

      Ah! So it was illegal!

      The Deputy Prime Minister said so in the House of Commons

      Politics blog + PMQs live - Wednesday 21 July
      Rolling coverage of the day's events at Westminster

      Andrew Sparrow - Guardian 22/07/2010

      followed by a lot of obfuscation

      Nick Clegg's 'illegal' Iraq war gaffe prompts legal warning
      Coalition in confusion as deputy prime minister pronounces invasion 'illegal' at dispatch box

      Nicholas Watt - Guardian 21/07/2010

      Nick Clegg's awkward 'illegal invasion' comment at PMQs
      Clegg's reference to the Iraq war reminds us that his new allies backed the greatest foreign policy misjudgment in 70 years

      Jonathan Freedland - Guardian 21/07/2010

      Careers Advice from two Tories

      Ah! They did approve.

      Classified documents reveal UK's role in abuse of its own citizens
      Previously secret papers show true extent of involvement in abduction and torture following al-Qaida attacks of 2001

      Ian Cobain & Owen Boycott - Guardian 14/07/2010

      Covert words that paint a vivid picture of complicity in torture
      • Foreign Office and No 10 interventions revealed • Emails and memos began months after September 11

      Ian Cobain & Owen Boycott - Guardian 14/07/2010

      An American take

      Tony Blair directly involved

      US sought rendition of British Nationals to Guantanamo

      Andy Worthington - Counterpunch 16-18/07/2010

      With what the Guardian described yesterday as the “almost unprecedented” release of “security service reports of interviews with detainees in Guantánamo Bay and other overseas detention centers,” the new British coalition government failed in its attempt to persuade the High Court to bring a temporary halt to a civil claim for damages filed by six former Guantánamo prisoners, unleashing, instead, a torrent of previously classified and deeply disturbing documents.

      Call it Restraint.

      Revealed: brutal guide to punishing jailed youths
      • 'Drive fingers into groin', says prison service manual • Disclosures follow parents' freedom of information fight

      Mark Townsend - Observer 18/07/2010


      NHS faces radical pro-market shakeup
      Leading healthcare and union figures issue warnings as Andrew Lansley unveils agenda involving 'inevitable' job losses

      Randeep Ramesh - Guardian 12/06/2010

      We cannot allow the end of the NHS in all but name
      The coalition is planning to privatise the health service in defiance of the evidence. But Labour is hamstrung by its record

      Seumas Milne - Guardian 14/06/2010

      Son of Thatcher wanted to but couldn’t quite manage it. But these guys are well praticed in this art nay speedy.
      I guess the lights will go out soon.

      (from Conservative Manifesto 2010)

      We shall see.

      38 Years?

      Bloody Sunday report: 38 years on, justice at last
      • Saville report finds Bloody Sunday killings 'unjustified' • Cameron apologises for 1972 shooting of innocent marchers • Soldiers could be prosecuted for murder or lying to inquiry

      Henry McDonald & Owen Bowcott - Guardian 15/06/2010

      David Cameron condemns Bloody Sunday killings and makes apology
      Prime minister would not be drawn on whether any of those implicated by the Saville Report should be prosecuted

      Allegra Stratton - Guardian - 15/06/2010


      Alistair Darling: Tories have misled voters on spending cuts
      Ex-chancellor will demand apology for 'exaggerated' claims of economic woe

      Patrick WIntour - Guardian - 11/06/2010

      Bottom fifth lose 12%

      Cuts will hit the poor hard. Tax rises would be far fairer
      If Cameron's plans go through, the increase in inequality will be huge. But we could avoid this relatively painlessly

      Polly Toynbee - Guardian 12/06/2010

      Revealed? again?

      Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons
      Exclusive: Secret apartheid-era papers give first official evidence of Israeli nuclear weapons

      Chris McGreal - Guardian 24/05/2010

      Which of course was denied.

      Israeli president denies offering nuclear weapons to apartheid South Africa
      Shimon Peres dismisses claims relating to secret files but US researcher says denials are disingenuous

      Chris McGreal, Rory McCarthy & David Smith - Guardian 24/05/2010

      Let us not forget

      Mordecai Vanunu

      Mordechai Vanunu: The Sunday Times articles

      Mordechai Vanunu jailed by Israeli court for unauthorised meetings
      Israeli whistleblower, who spent 18 years in jail for exposing Israel's nuclear arsenal, given new three-month sentence

      Rory McCarthy - Guardian 23/05/2010

      Let's play fantasy 'cheap' nuclear power

      Chris Huhne warns of £4bn black hole in nuclear power budget
      Energy secretary blames predecessors for avoiding tough decisions in 'classic example of short-termism'

      Patrick Wintour - Guardian 01/06/2010

      The enduring Myth of ‘cheap’ electricity from Nuclear Power.
      or the oft repeated b------s of the Nuclear Estsblishment.

      If it ever was.

      “Too cheap to meter”

      Calder Hall - 1956

      ‘In fact, it was probably the most expensive way imaginable of keeping the lights on, and it masked the main reason for building Calder Hall - to make plutonium for the nuclear weapons programme, a fact admitted five years later.’

      First nuclear power plant to close
      Calder Hall was built for the atomic weapons programme and will take 100 years to decommission after decades of radiation damage

      Paul Brown - Guardian 21/03/2003

      And isn’t that the point.
      A reasonable decommissioning figure was never included in the price.
      If it had been?

      Here we go again.

      Gove's claim to be 'freeing' schools is a cloak for more control from the centre
      This dreary abuse of local democracy was tried by Thatcher and Blair. All people want is fair access to a good, nearby school

      Simon Jenkins - Guardian 27/05/2010

      I’d just settle for a more adventurous, slimmed down curriculum that gets children thinking and no interference for a few years.
      The last fifteen years have been frantic and now they want to start all over again.

      Are we all feeling sorry for David Laws?

      David Laws: smart, sharp, talented and born for the Treasury job
      A double first from Cambridge, vice-president of a bank, multimillion pound earnings – but a secret he kept from even his closest friends

      Anushka Asthana -Observer 30/05/2010

      Head and shoulders above everyone else!
      But he took £40 000 that didn’t belong to him. Such a shame.

      America's Complicity in Evil

      America's Complicity in Evil
      Counterpunch 01/06/2010

      Israel does it again.

      Israel's Attack on Us All
      Counterpunch 31/05/2010

      Culpable but the only hope?

      Labour needs to admit what it got wrong
      If Brown had eaten more humble pie, his campaign might have gone better

      Larry Elliott - Guardian 03/05/2010

      This is what we knew!

      Blair Peach: After 31 years Met police say 'sorry' for their role in his killing
      Previously secret report concludes that Blair Peach 'almost certainly' died after blow from member of special patrol group

      Paul Lewis - Guardian 28/04/2010

      'He was a different kind of teacher. His interest in his pupils was not confined to the schoolroom but extended into their homes, where he would visit and give advice and practical help whenever he could. He was a man of high ideals, but ideals are no good if they are not put into practice. He always practised what he preached. At school he instituted a special class to help those children who had difficulty in reading and those classes were extended into the school holidays. He did this because he cared about these children and wanted them to be free thinking adults who would not be pushed about by the system. I know I will never forget him and he will always be remembered as a friend of the people

      Remembering Blair Peach: 30 years on
      Chris Searle - Institute of Race Relations

      'As the police rushed past him, one of them hit him on the head with the stick. I was in my garden and I saw this quite clearly. When they all rushed past, he was left sitting against the wall. He tried to get up: but he was shivering and looked very strange. He couldn't stand. Then the police came back and told him this: "Move! Come on, move!" They were very rough with him and I was shocked because it was clear he was seriously hurt. His tongue seemed stuck in the top of his mouth and his eyes were rolled up to the top of his head. But they started pushing him and told him to move, and he managed to get to his feet. He staggered across the road and came to where I was in the garden. I tried to sit him down. He was in a very bad state and he couldn't speak. Then he just dropped down. I got a glass of water for him, but he couldn't hold it and it dropped out of his hand.'

      Flawed Democracy

      This grotesque and unfair voting system must change
      Proportional representation won't cure all our political ills, but it would make for fairer elections and government

      Will Hutton - Observer 25/04/2010

      How unfair or disproportionate is the UK’s voting system for general elections?

      Patrick Dunleavy & Chris Gilson - LSE 18/04/2010

      Morally Dead!

      Modern capitalism is at a moral dead end. And the bosses are to blame
      Capitalism will be continue to be demonised while our CEOs refuse to put their own corrupt house in order

      Will Hutton - Observer 04/04/2010

      A Trillion £

      The bankers lied.
      And Darling, a mere puppet on their string, knows it

      Britain has paid a horrific price for allowing the City to dictate credit policy. Yet there is no inquiry, no questioning, only silence

      Simon Jenkins - Guardian 12/03/2010

      Conditioned Obesity!

      Obesity: The killer combination of salt, fat and sugar
      Our favourite foods are making us fat, yet we can't resist, because eating them is changing our minds as well as bodies

      David A Kessler Guardian - 13/03/2010

      Delusional world view.

      Tony Blair at the Chilcot inquiry, part II
      Jackie Ashley, Jonathan Freedland, Martin Kettle, Seumas Milne and Henry Porter look at Tony Blair's Iraq inquiry performance

      Guardian 27/01/10

      More unequal Britain

      Unequal Britain: richest 10% are now 100 times better off than the poorest
      • 1980s income gap still not plugged, say analysts • Brown says equality panel report a 'sobering' read • Datablog: get the numbers behind this story

      Amelia Gentleman & Helene Mulholland - Guardian 27/01/10

      The master of understatement

      You are right to be angry. The banks should have to pay for state backing
      The UK is leading global efforts to rebalance an economic model that privileges the interests of investment banks

      Paul Myners - Guardian 25/01/10

      Nice of him to allow us anger.
      His government used our money to save a system that they
      had a key hand in unregulating and advocating.

      Colonial History

      UK 'using obscure legal principle' to dismiss torture claims in colonial Kenya
      Foreign Office says it is 'not liable for acts and omissions' of administration after alleged abuse of Mau Mau suspects

      Afua Hirsch - Guardian 25/01/10

      The question that won't be answered.

      Wanted: Tony Blair for war crimes. Arrest him and claim your reward
      Chilcot and the courts won't do it, so it is up to us to show that we won't let an illegal act of mass murder go unpunished

      George Monbiot - Guardian 26/01/10

      Iraq invasion violated international law, Dutch inquiry finds
      Investigation into the Netherlands' support for 2003 war finds military action was not justified under UN resolutions

      Afua Hirsch - Guardian 12/01/10

      The Conservatives have already won?

      Britain faces ‘toughest cuts for 20 years’
      Darling and Mandelson win election policy battle with weakened PM

      Rachel Sylvester, Alice Thompson and Philip Webster - The Times 09/102009

      No more thought of a Tobin Tax then. Mustn’t upset the banks and the like.
      Just make everyone else pay for it.

      Gaza Blockade

      Terror is the price of support for despots and dictators
      Egypt's complicity in the Gaza's siege underlines the role of western support for such regimes in the spread of war

      Seumas Milne - Guardian 07/01/2010

      Interview with George Galloway via Mondoweiss and Democracy Now

      Mrs Thatcher's 8Bn Problem

      Papers released under 30 year rule reveal full force of Thatcher's fury

      Alan Travis & Owen Bowcott - Guardian 30/12/09

      I would have invaded anyway.

      Tony Blair admits: I would have invaded Iraq anyway
      WMD were not vital for war says ex-PM ahead of appearance at Chilcot inquiry

      Riazat Butt and Richard Norton-Taylor - Guardian 12/12/2009

      Isn’t that what he did!

      Neither America nor the UK would have risked those troops if they
      really thought Sadam had those chemical weapons.

      He might now be worth
      ‘loads of money’
      following in the footsteps of his
      Political Mother
      But the country is broke,
      debt ridden,
      with millions facing an uncertain future.

      He achieved the
      American Dream
      We will pay dearly.


      was his
      Market Cheerleader

      Return to Boom


      That's OK then?

      Huge rise in birth defects in Falluja
      Iraqi former battle zone sees abnormal clusters of infant tumours and deformities

      Martin Chulov - Guardian 13/11/2009

      Falluja's babies: The difficulties of pinning the blame

      Denis Campbell - Guardian 13/11/2009

      US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah

      Peter Popham - The Independent 08/11/2005

      The Hidden Massacre of Fallujah

      Toxic warfare & Birth Defects: Iraqi doc shows ugly truth

      dinazina - Daily Kos - 23/02/2005

      Nothing depleted about 'depleted uranium'
      Disturbing photos of children

      Abel Bult-Ito - Global Research Ca- 22/02/2006

      Agent Orange

      Agent Orange devastates generations of Vietnamese

      World Focus 15/01/2009

      Scrappage creates demand

      These snobs are blind to the one economic policy that works
      The scrappage scheme should go far beyond cars, but politicians, in thrall to bankers, fixate on credit and neglect demand

      Simon Jenkins - 27/10/2009


      Making this ruthless liar EU president is a crazy plan. But I'll be backing Blair
      If the man who waged an unprovoked war in Iraq gets this job, it could be the chance to hold him to account for his crimes.

      George Monbiot - Guardian 26/10/2009

      But the fact that he’s got away with it must make him a good candidate. Isn’t this largely the mark of Statesman?

      The Secret Downing Street Memo

      David Manning - The Times 01/05/2005


      The War Criminals Vote
      Blair or Karadzic for EU President?
      Eamonn McCann - Counterpunch 29/10/2009

      Adam Crozier £3million - Postal workers £18,000

      Faced with such an attack, it would be folly not to strike
      Postal workers have been left with little option. The real madness lies with those itching to pick a fight before an election

      Seumas Milne - Guardian 21/10/2009

      Aren’t we all just ‘
      beyond anger’ that the owner Lord Mandelson has allowed this to happen.

      Intellectually bewildering?

      Sorry, David, if you roll back the state, you invite disaster
      David Cameron is wrong to declare we need a more hands-off approach. That's what got us into this recession in the first place

      Will Hutton - Observer 11/09/2009

      Seems to confirm the idea that there really isn’t anything there.

      There's nothing there

      Steve Bell on David Cameron: 'There's nothing much in there'
      The Guardian cartoonist explains why he draws the Tory leader as a jellyfish

      Steve Bell and Hildegunn Soldal - Guardian 09/10/2009

      It's the market's failure!

      The cuts agenda is a brilliant diversion from the real crisis
      Cameron has managed to switch the agenda from market failure to public debt. If that sticks, it's a recipe for a Tory landslide

      Seamus Milne - Guardian 16/09/2009

      Although one does wonder if that’s been true since Tony took over. John Smith had that gravitas but I’m not sure that others have or even had.

      Executive pay keeps rising, Guardian survey finds
      Full and part-time directors of FTSE 100 shared between them more than £1bn

      Julia Finch and Simon Bowers - Guardian 14/09/2009

      When did you ever get a 10% annual pay rise????

      And in America

      Has The Economy Been Pulled Back From The Brink?
      Who Is Recovering?

      One is reminded of the title of that movie, "There will be blood." Rather than show contrition or compassion for its own victims, Wall Street is hoping to jack up its salaries and bonuses to pre-2007 levels. The men at the top are oblivious to the pain they helped cause. They are getting away with the crime of our time.
      Danny Schecter - ZNet Commentaries 17/09/2009

      Public self harm?

      Slashing the national debt can wait. First we must invest, invest, invest

      Will Hutton - Observer 13/09/2009

      Middle-East peace process?

      US takes on Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Iran's nuclear programme in one massive gamble
      Washington's plan to link two intractable problems raises international hopes of deal to restart the Middle East peace process

      Julian Borger & Ewen Macaskil - Guardian 25/08/2009

      Surely the US have done a huge amount to thwart any kind of peace in the Middle - East for a long time.
      They have supported Israel in all it’s endeavours - land grabs, settlements, building walls, providing them with arms and nuclear weapons over the last 50 years or so.
      How does conflating these two issues help the situation when Israel’s only contribution
      seems to be a ‘freeze’ on further annexation and development?

      It was put more forcefully in this article by
      Peter Beaumont - Guardian

      US peace plan gives Israel too much
      The Middle East talks look like an act of grand displacement unless Obama stops giving Israel an unequal say

      ‘It may be early days in the hammering out of the details of a new US-sponsored plan to broker a resumption of Middle East peace talks, but what are clearly visible are the operating assumptions. At their very heart, the reporting in this paper suggests, is what the government of Binyamin Netanyahu has always wanted: a link between Iran's nuclear programme and a very partial freeze on settlement building, offered in exchange for opening up an even more partial track of a peace process whose focus would be on the West Bank.’

      The Three No’s of Binyamin Netanyahu
      As prime minister from 1996-1999, Netanyahu emphasised a policy of
      "Three No's":
      no withdrawal from Golan Heights,
      no discussion of the status of Jerusalem,
      no negotiations under any preconditions.

      But Jonathan Freedland - Guardian 25/08/2009
      seems to be closer to the mark.
      Peace plans come and go. Obama may have to try a wholly new approach
      Unless talks address the core, existential issues of 1948, optimism about a new Middle East effort is likely to fade fast

      ‘This will require an entirely new approach. Not a reliance solely on mechanistic formulas, land swaps and compensation packages, but a deep, even emotional engagement with the sources of the conflict. It will mean Israelis finally acknowledging the plight of the refugees created by the birth of the state of Israel, and Palestinians finally deciding whether they can accept a Jewish state. That last move will have to be done without jeopardising the place of those Palestinians who live inside Israel as citizens, or asking Palestinians to reject the entire narrative of their recent history. But something like it will have to be done.’


      Big health flexes its lobbying muscle. Democracy quivers
      In finance as in health, public interest is tamed by unaccountable corporate interest. It was meant to be the other way round

      Peter Wilby - Guardian 14/08/2009

      Collective greed!

      This is how we let the credit crunch happen, Ma'am ...

      Heather Stewart - Observer 26/07/2009

      So there we have it. Our brightest and best failed us completely.
      This is the sum total of our education system, a lack of imagination.
      Thoughtlessness for others on a grand scale.
      But did they fail themselves?
      Did they walk away with ‘loadsofmoney’?

      and thus a defence of

      ‘a psychology of denial’
      ‘found clever ways to spread risk throughout the financial markets’

      ‘but economics as a profession has not been discredited by the scale of the crisis’

      Tell that to all the people who are suffering and going to suffer for years to come.

      Handy that markets (men) can be gripped by herd psychology and bouts of irrationality’


      Helicopters - Jelly Copters!

      Government slaps down minister over shortage of helicopters
      Gordon Brown has been forced to slap down minister Lord Malloch-Brown who admitted the British Army was short of helicopters to fight the war in Afghanistan.

      Andrew Porter - The Daily Telegraph 23/07/2009

      Malloch-Brown changes tack on helicopters for Afghanistan
      Minister who claimed machines were scarce now says British troops have 'without doubt sufficient resources'

      Richard Norton-Taylor - Guardian 22/07/2009

      Jelly Copters - Steve Bell

      I guess you couldn’t have got slapped much harder. Brown is so embarrassing!

      And this from a few days earlier.

      Bitter fallout as Brown and the generals caught in war games
      The army insisted it had everything it needed to wage war in Afghanistan but, as more troops died, the simmering tensions between the army and No.10 finally became public.

      Gaby Hinsliff - Observer 19/07/2009

      You just can't say!

      Even mathematicians run scared of our libel laws now
      The people who could expose the City's folly are reluctant to speak out because of a hostile judiciary

      Nick Cohen - Observer 19/07/2009

      No more sports days!

      A toxic culture of suspicion is souring our children's lives
      Adults will find it hard to interact with young people if hysterical paranoia means they are all viewed as potential abusers

      Henry Porter - Observer 19/07/2009

      We've got to be fair!!!!!!!

      Alistair Darling signals pay squeeze for public sector workers

      Patrick Wintour - Guardian 05/07/2009

      It sounds so good that word.
      But the private sector caused this mess with a dollop of help from star struck New Labour politicians.
      (New Labour - Laughably Conservative)
      It’s a recession now and could be for some years to come.
      But it started out with deregulation, speculation and the rise of ‘financial weapons of mass destruction’.
      From which many people made an awful lot of money.
      Now those who can least afford it will pay the price.

      From Global Financial Crisis to Global Recession, Part I
      Precipitating the fall
      Jack Rasmus - March 2008
      An American perspective. The people we emulate, ‘Our special relations?’ (Mad Uncle??)
      Back to UK.

      The clamour to cut public sector pay is based on myth
      State incomes remain comparably low – calls for a freeze can't distract us from the real issue: outlandish executive pay

      Polly Toynbee - Guardian 06/07/2009

      The man who understands debt on this scale?

      Hail the man who argues Britain should stop worrying about its debt

      Will Hutton - Observer 05/07/2009

      Public sector pensions attacked again.

      Is there pensions apartheid? Well, if you're a nurse there is
      False Tory outrage at fat-cat pubic sector benefits is a crude sleight of hand to divert voters' attention from the real wealth gap

      Polly Toynbee - Guardian 03/07/2009

      Business as usual

      They could be heroes. Instead these bankers are pariahs
      The City has reverted to its bad old habits;
      Brown and Darling missed the radical moment in the weeks after the crash

      Polly Toynbee - Guardian 23/06/2009

      For them, isn’t it just a cycle, so what’s to learn. Perversely! More CRIMINALLY.

      Fair Tips

      Tip off: waiters still paid minimum wage out of your service charge
      A new law is intended to stop restaurant bosses pocketing staff tips. But as Jamie Elliott reports, there may be no change

      Jamie Elliot - Observer 07/06/2009

      Will the MPs resign too?

      Michael Martin: steady rise and abrupt fall of the boy from Anderston
      Friends say they will not forget the MPs who hounded working-class Glaswegian from his parliamentary office

      Nicholas Watt - Guardian 20/05/2009

      Will those MPs who felt they had brought Parliament into disrepute and returned
      expenses claims, now follow the speaker in resigning???

      Which leads on to

      The Speaker exits with revolution in the air. I say, bring it on
      The great expenses fraud is a symptom of a larger disease. We need a new constitution, with the people as sovereign

      Jonathan Freedland - Guardian 20/05/2009

      Suppression Acts

      As the political consensus collapses, now all dissenters face suppression
      Peaceful protest - or 'domestic extremism' - is being put down with increasing violence by our police forces

      George Monbiot - Guardian 18/05/2009

      "I want to thank you all for what you are achieving."

      High stakes, low finance
      Will Hutton traces the banking crisis back to the Big Bang

      Will Hutton - Guardian 02/05/2009

      Speech by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, to Mansion House

      The Speech on blinkx

      "Governments know nothing of this subject,.....'

      Number cruncher who foresaw financial crash
      Paul Wilmott feels vindicated after warning banks not to believe their mathematical models

      Elena Moya - Guardian 01/05/2009

      No more whistleblowing

      To sack a nurse for exposing cruelty is a farcical injustice
      Margaret Haywood is the wrong person to punish for this NHS failure. The message to every would-be whistleblower is clear

      Jenni Russell - Guardian 28/04/2009

      Support for whistleblowing Nurse struck off by NMC

      Nursing and Midwifery Council

      Swine Flu

      Four-year-old could hold key in search for source of swine flu outbreak
      Case confirmed in village in south-eastern Mexico where 60% of residents fell ill

      Jo Tuckman & Robert Booth - Guardian 27/04/2009

      The swine flu crisis lays bare the meat industry's monstrous power
      The Mexico swine flu outbreak should alert us to a highly globalised industry with global political clout

      Mike Davis Guardian 27/04/2009

      Interestingly the Print Edition had this title

      These vast excremental hells are the Bernie Madoffs of disease control
      The swine flu outbreak shows the futility of our early-warning systems - and the meat industry’s monstrous global power

      'Apparently we're on high alert. Nobody alerted me'

      ‘Today is one of those days when family doctors want to retire to a darkened room and put an ice pack on their head. Over breakfast, I saw the newspaper headline: "Swine flu deaths spark worldwide health alert".
      I have not been "alerted". None of my partners has been "alerted" either. There is a general assumption that GPs will already have received definitive guidance from on high. No such guidance has arrived.’

      Dr John Crippen - Guardian 28/04/2009

      ‘Swine flu’ : the realities

      Swine flu
      The present state of preparedness for a pandemic caused by pigs, birds and other animals is wholly inadequate and if a pandemic happened today, hundreds of millions would undoubtedly perish.
      Pigs are one of the closest matches to humans. That is why we use their organs for human transplantation operations. Therefore the mutation from pig influenza to human influenza, is probably the most dangerous of all due to the nearness of match.
      The link between pig and human influenza has been known for a long time. Two important studies are Evolutionary pathways of N2 neuraminidases of swine and human influenza A Virus: origin of the neuraminidase genes of two reassortants (H1N2) isolate from pigs by Kuniaki Nerome et al, National Institute of Health, Japan – Journal of General Virology (1991), 72, 693-698 and Ito T, Couceiro JN, Kelm S, et al. Molecular basis for the generation in pigs of influenza A viruses with pandemic potential. J Virol 1998; 72:736773.
      The problem with the present strategy is that it is predominantly targeted and dependent upon at a drug cure which is a totally false strategy. There are two main reasons for this.
      1. Flu viruses are constantly remodelling themselves and where when a new strain occurs, like the present state in Mexico, it will take 6 months to develop a drug to combat it. It has to be noted that the Spanish flu that killed between 20 million and 100 million nearly 100 years ago (there is no definitive statistic in this respect as in 1918 the analysis was rudimentary, but where modern pandemic statisticians estimate that it was somewhere between the two huge figures), did its worst in the first 26 weeks. Therefore an antidote would be a fools way of solving the problem. 2. Distribution of any new antidote would be a problem of enormous proportions and all affected would be dead by the time it got to them.
      Therefore the present strategy is futile.
      But unfortunately now again, Tamiflu is in 99% of flu types, not resistant against the viruses.
      I cite several points of information that confirm this fact. (i) HONG KONG (Reuters) -- A strain of the H5N1 avian influenza virus that may unleash the next global flu pandemic is showing resistance to Tamiflu, the antiviral drug that countries around the world are now stockpiling to fend off the looming threat. Experts in Hong Kong said on Friday [30 Sep 2005] that the human H5N1 strain which surfaced in northern Viet Nam this year had proved to be resistant to Tamiflu, a powerful antiviral drug. – Reuters, 30 September 2005 (ii) U.S. health authorities (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) alerted doctors Friday that a prevalent strain of the flu is resistant to Roche Holding AG's Tamiflu antiviral drug – Wall Street Jourmnal: Health (December 19,2008). (iii) Virtually all the dominant strain of flu in the United States this season is resistant to the leading antiviral drug Tamiflu…This season, 99 percent do… If a Tamiflu-resistant strain is suspected, the disease control agency suggests using a similar drug, Relenza. But Relenza is harder to take; it is a powder that must be inhaled and can cause lung spasms, and it is not recommended for children under 7…Relenza, made by GlaxoSmithKline, is known generically as zanamivir. Tamiflu, made by Roche, is known generically as oseltamivir… – The New York Times: Health (January 8, 2009). (iv) Tamiflu found to be 99% ineffective against primary flu strain – USA Today (January 8, 2009).
      There are only two modern-day drugs supposed to save human life from any pandemic. These are Relenza and Tamiflu as stated above. But both are ineffective (more-or-less totally ineffective in the case of Tamiflu) in certain areas when dealing with new strains. Unfortunately zanamivir (Relenza) is less active against influenza A/N2 neuraminidases (found in Pigs etc). For zanamivir is inhibitory for only certain influenza A neuraminidase variants but not A/N2 neuraminidases. Therefore Relenza does not perform at all well against Swine flu.
      There are also terriible side-effects with Tamiflu –

      Both these drugs have to taken within 48hrs of infection, but where the prerequisite is that the host body has to be strong against infections at the time of the start of the dosage. After 48 hours, both are useless according to medical scientsist working at the coal-face around the world. Therefore the question is, how does anyone identify that they have flu quick enough and get a dose within 48 hours ? For symtoms can take several days to raise their ugly head.

      From Betty Senior in the comments to Mike Davis’s Article

      And from the NHS Blog Doctor
      Pointing to an Article in the Independent
      Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m killing on bird flu drug
      Geoffrey lean and Jonathan Owen - The Independent 12/03/2006

      So he makes money from a drug that is ineffective. Wonderful life.

      A fairer nation!

      Britain's no longer a world power, so let's be a better, fairer nation

      Will Hutton - Observer 26/04/2009

      Well they had the chance to do that over the last ten years

      After the lie of the free lunch comes a real political choice
      The pretence of building a Swedish society on US tax rates is over. But we can still avoid savage cuts – if we pay for it

      ‘OECD countries with the biggest states and highest taxes are among the most ­successful economically and socially.’
      ‘During Margaret Thatcher's time, the basic rate of tax was 33%. Brown has cut it to 20%: Labour MPs who whooped with glee each time he cut it should hang their heads in shame. As each 1p brings in £4bn, it means Brown levied some £50bn every year less in income tax than Mrs T, a staggering sum.’
      Polly Toynbee - Guardian 26/04/2009

      Policing as usual!

      Printing Police Lies 21/04/2009

      Memories of the miners' strike
      A miner, a miner's wife, a coal board negotiator and an MP share their recollections

      Patrick Barkham 07/04/2009

      Police removal of ID numbers 'unacceptable', says top watchdog
      Chief inspector of constabulary tells MPs that removal of police ID numbers during protests must stop, after G20 complaints

      Stephen Bates - Guardian 21/04/2009

      Then as now perhaps “illegal” might be better?

      Headlines smooth the way!

      G20 officer could face a charge of killing as post-mortem shows protester did NOT suffer a heart attack

      But he wasn’t a protester! He was just going home from work.

      “Mr Tomlinson, a
      heavy drinker,’
      Charlotte Gill - The Mail 17/04/2009

      'Bleeding killed G20 riot man'

      But he wasn’t a riot man! He was just going home from work.

      Anthony France - The Sun 17/04/2009

      Beaten G20 man Ian Tomlinson ‘died of internal bleeding’

      But he wasn’t a G20 protester! He was just going home from work.

      ‘The masked policeman caught on film hitting and pushing a man who later died at the G20 protests has been questioned on suspicion of manslaughter.’
      ‘Video footage and photographs showed Mr Tomlinson,
      who was not a protester,’

      Sean O’Neill & Adam Fresco - The Times 17/04/2009


      A policeman who pushed over G20 bystander Ian Tomlinson could be jailed for unlawful killing.

      A G20 bystander or someone going home from work during a G20 protest?

      John Twomey - The Express 18/04/2009

      G20 death: Met police officer may face manslaughter charge
      • Officer may face manslaughter charge • Ian Tomlinson 'died from internal bleeding' • We were badly misled by police, say family

      Paul Lewis - The Guardian 18/04/2009

      The acceptability of being a protester.

      A protester
      A G20 Man
      A G20 riot man
      G20 Bystander
      G20 Death

      Unwell man, trying to get home from work, attacked by police at G20 protests.

      Unnumbered policeman strikes - twice.

      New footage emerges of alleged G20 police misconduct
      A policeman is seen striking a woman with his baton at a memorial protest for Ian Tomlinson on April 2

      Paul Lewis & Lawrence Topham - Guardian 14/04/2009

      G20 woman protester shocked by policeman's 'slap'
      IPCC to investigate incident but protester yet to make formal complaint

      Paul Lewis & Ben Quinn - Guardian 15/04/2009

      Pre-emptive policing


      Shami Chakrabarti was target in police search

      Rachel Sylvester & Alice Thomson - The Times 18/04/2009


      It is a national disgrace that in 2009 rape almost always goes unpunished
      Today's measures can have little impact in the face of a culture that systematically neglects victims of sexual assault

      Libby Brooks - Guardian 15/04/2009

      Managing another death.

      G20 assault: how Metropolitan police tried to manage a death
      • No mention of riot squad attack in initial account • Video forces watchdog to consider inquiry demand

      Sandra Laville & Paul Lewis Guardian 09/04/2009

      And in reality

      No provocation - Just a random attack.

      Remember another death.

      Blair Peach & Ian Tomlinson, Another Police Murder

      Ten Percent - 06/04/2009

      1980: Peach death was 'misadventure'

      Marina Hyde - Guardian 11/04/2009

      A New World Order is Emerging

      Does anyone remember this?

      Well, actually we didn’t handle that housing bubble very well.

      and from the
      Mansion House Speech of 2004, quoting Churchill

      “The ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.
      And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.”

      National Security V National Embarassment

      Interview: Mohammed's lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith

      Binyam Mohamed's harrowing journey: Karachi to Morocco,
      to CIA cell and then Guantánamo

      Richard Norton-Taylor - Guardian 27/03/2009

      We don't do rendition or condone torture!

      UK apology over rendition flights

      BBC 21/02/2009

      UN report condemns Britain over torture cases
      UK hid illegal acts and breached basic human rights of detainees in US rendition programme, report finds

      Richard Norton-Taylor - Guardian 09/03/2009

      How is the child intelligent??

      Focus on fact is stifling schools, warns top head
      Dickensian teaching and the tyranny of league tables must be swept away, says Seldon

      Caroline Davies - Observer 08/03/2009


      While it’s good to see a widespread recognition of the problems
      caused when people can no longer earn a living for themselves,
      and yes I’m sure it’s “Good to Talk!’
      Wasn’t this an advert for some phone company.

      It’s likely to be the case that individuals have no control of the way out of this mess.

      It’s Global and Systemic!

      WIll Governments, Regulators and Casino Capitalism which caused the mess

      be able to do enough for individual potential solutions to have an effect?

      Victims of recession to get free therapy
      • State aid planned to fight job anxiety

      Toby Helm - Observer 08/03/2009

      From a more spiritual perspective, the potential solutions perhaps include a change of direction.

      Patience and trust - the new economic foundations
      In a lecture entitled Ethics, Economics and Global Justice which was given on Saturday in Cardiff, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, called for patience from governments, firms and individuals to renew the trust fractured by the economic crisis

      Rowan Williams - Guardian 09/03//2009

      But we may well be swamped before these arguments have any sway.

      Scientists to issue stark warning over dramatic new sea level figures
      Rising sea levels pose a far bigger eco threat than previously thought. This week's climate change conference in Copenhagen will sound an alarm over new floodings - enough to swamp Bangladesh, Florida, the Norfolk Broads and the Thames estuary

      Robin Mckie - Observer 08/03/2009

      Still the ‘naysayers are alive and well.

      Czech leader joins meeting of climate change deniers
      • US convention aimed at escalating confrontation • Klaus to attack 'arrogant, unscrupulous ideology'

      Suzanne Goldberg - Guardian 09/08/2009

      And for a Psychological approach to the problem of Climate change deniers.
      Perhaps a bit of CBT is needed here?
      Forget the causes recognize the problems.

      Undermining democratic decision making?

      Straw vetoes publication of cabinet Iraq war minutes
      Justice secretary refuses to comply with information tribunal's order to release minutes of two meetings

      Andrew Sparrow - Guardian 24/02/2009

      Mr Straw’s Commons Statement

      Silobreaker on this topic

      But one suspects that democratic decision making is more under threat
      when someone who was Foreign Secretary at the time of this decision is in a position to veto these minutes being made public.

      Iraq Cabinet minutes: 'Jack Straw should not be his own judge'

      Gary Slapper -Times 25/02/2009

      Do you remember how rattled he was when he was interviewed on Radio 4?

      Privacy and dodgy algorithms

      Fight against terror 'spells end of privacy'

      Former security chief warns searching personal data will 'break moral rules'

      Alan Travis Guardian 25/02/2009

      Spying on 60 million people doesn't add up

      Ben Goldacre - Guardian 28/02/2009

      Defiant Convention

      Guardian Editorial 28/02/2009

      February 28th 2009

      The Convention of Modern Liberty

      Convention of Modern Liberty
      Voices from the crowd.

      Professor Anthony Grayling

      Tony Benn

      A recipe for creating terrorists

      Rimington is right. This is a recipe for creating terrorists

      New Labour's sins in the war on terror are catching up with it, but ministers want to shift blame on to the Muslim community

      Seumas Milne - Guardian 19/02/2009

      The death of confidentiality!

      A quote from the BMA chairman Dr Hamish Meldrum in an interview with the Guardian.

      This was one of the better canons of the Hippocratic Oath.

      All that may come to my knowledge in the exercise of my profession or in daily commerce with men,
      which ought not to be spread abroad, I will keep secret and will never reveal.”

      SubjectCitizen - humble and obedient servant!

      I name this site QE2.0 ... Queen unveils new web home
      Stephen Bates - Guardian 13/02/2009

      The official website of the British Monarchy

      Invited to apologise!

      The ‘naughty children’. This hackneyed phrase seems to be all that is needed.
      Now all they need to be is sent to bed without any tea!

      They still don’t get it. - Colleagues, shareholders, customers. They even had the temerity to imply they served communities!
      Their decisions are in the process of decimating lives and communities.
      Likely for many years to come.

      Sorry just doesn’t do it.

      One of them (
      Sir James Crosby) became a Government adviser.

      Booing Davos Man is a start, but the crisis runs much deeper.
      Seumas Milne - Guardian 12/02/2009

      Steve Bell - We’re sorry say bankers. Well sort of.

      It’s got to be bigger than the Angel of the North.
      But a 50m horse!
      So tall that a man would be the size of a hoof.
      Still the ‘horse whisperer’ says ‘
      this man is a genius
      But the
      competition wasn’t up to much.
      Perhaps if it had been ‘Invicta’

      The truth about the financial crisis

      Why we’re in the mess we are.
      Will Hutton Observer - 01/02/2009

      Which ties in to
      Global recovery rests on a fresh US approach to China
      Martin Jacques - Guardian 13/02/2009

      It's time to tell America some home truths, Prime Minister
      At home, Mr Brown is getting his economic policies at home right. Now he must persuade others, especially the US, they can work for all
      Will Hutton - Observer 01/03/2009

      An open letter to Hazel Blears.

      Just what exactly do you stand for,
      Hazel Blears - except election?

      The minister claims to have political guts, but the only principle her
      voting record shows is slavish obedience

      George Monbiot Guardian 10/02/2009

      The Blears - Monbiot war of words continued in the
      letters page

      Try the David Blunkett Policy Maker

      Fertile minds need feeding

      Fertile minds need feeding
      Are schools stifling creativity? Ken Robinson tells
      Jessica Shepherd why learning should be good for the soul.

      A TED Talk

      Politics is broken, so what do we do?

      Politics is broken, so what do we do? We leave it to the politicians.

      George Monbiot


      Is this the best we can do?

      Rosy Rewriting

      The full piece can be found here.

      Rosy rewriting of the Iraq debacle will fuel worse disaster in Afghanistan

      Benefit thieves

      Press release from the DWP

      No return to boom and bust!

      No return to boom and bust: what Brown said when he was chancellor.

      Deborah Summers in the Guardian


      Top judge: US and UK acted as 'vigilantes' in Iraq invasion
      Former senior law lord condemns 'serious violation of international law'
      Richard Norton Taylor in the Guardian 18/11/08

      Weighed and found wanting
      Lord Bingham has compared Britain's actions over Iraq to vigilantism. But at least a vigilante acts in good faith.
      Chris Ames in the Guardian 18/11/08

      Well, Mr Brown?

      Well, Mr Brown it seems to be down to you.

      A week that taught me home truths about the housing market.

      Will Hutton in the Observer.

      The Global Warming Scandal

      The code clearly needs rewrting so that ofcom does have to decide if the claims made within a documentary are accurate. .
      How can you misrepresent and not mislead?
      How can you break rules on impartiality and not mislead.
      Especially over something so crucial.

      ‘Man made global warming is a conspiracy and a fraud.’


      Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin issue number No 114

      Why does Channel 4 seem to be waging war againast the greens? George Monbiot in the Guardian.

      Guru of the playgroup

      Interesting article in the Guardian about Kathy Sylva - Professor of Educational Psychology at Oxford University.

      Guru of the Playgroup


      Britain sues over deportation.

      No Slogans here son.

      Guardian 7th April 2008


      Read more about Ali Ghaith Abdul-Ahad in the Guardian: Thursday 20th March 2008

      Listen to Mr Bush Via Reuter's Video Link in the Guardian - Thursday 20th March 2008

      Catch Steve Bell Guardian Cartoonist - Thursday 20th March 2008

      Read Hans Blix 'A war of utter folly' Guardian - Thursday 20th March

      Read Seumas Milne 'There must be a reckoning for this day of infamy' Guardian - Thursday 20th March 2008

      Mapping the dead.

      The Guardian is prepared to map the dead, which is more than can be
      said for the Observer's summing up of the hard lessons we have to learn.
      That Leader makes no mention of Iraqi casualties at all.
      I guess the people who have suffered most are too dead to worry about it!
      Prior to the publication of the map, the Guardian published an indepth analysis of the death toll.

      Try Media Lens Alerts

      Search for 'With Total Destruction'- The Failure of Journalism.

      Conspicuous by his absence at this juncture. - Mr T Blair

      First Strike

      'Being a simple sailor'

      1.2 Million Iraqis murdered

      Unlawful Protest

      Israeli Forces

      Operation Satanique

      War Tourism

      Chagossian Islanders

      'Their right to return' by Mark Curtis. The Guardian - Tuesday 8th November 2005

      Try Media Lens for a summary. Mark Curtis 1st February 2006

      And of course the Islands were used for Rendition Flights.
      'Render Justice to the Chagos Islanders'
      Guardian - 23rd February 2008

      'British Campaigners arrested at sea in Diego Garcia protest' Duncan Cambell Guardian - 12th March 2008

      Is regime change legal?

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